Lightning Werewolf Ninjas

Elemental Clans

Each character will have a 2 bonus check with skills or crafts associated with or influenced by their element. Some spellcaster spell effects can be altered to align with the element the caster wields. Cold damage for water, or electricity for lightning, instead of fire damage for fireballs, etc.
Water: +2 to Heal checks (Heal will always be a class skill)
Wood: +2 to Stealth checks in woodlands (
4 when have 10 or more ranks in Stealth)
Earth: 2 bonus to Strength, +2 to survival (4 with 10 ranks in the skill); 2 to handle animal (handle animal is a class skill); +2 to perception (when in contact with the ground);
Metal: +2 to Con; +2 to fort & will saves; +2 to initiative; When fighting with a metal weapon, the weapon gains a non-magical +1 to hit & damage, this bonus stacks with masterwork weapons; +2 to skills & crafts when working or handling metal; you can make metal weapons & armor masterwork, with tools, additional metal, & time
Fire: +2 Cha; 2 to Bluff, Intimidate & Diplomacy (
4 bonus when skill has 10 ranks or more); Burning Hands once per day for every three levels plus their Con bonus; +2 skill bonus with skills & crafts associated with fire/flames;
Lightning: +2 to Intelligence; +2 to Initiative; Shocking Grasp once per day for every three levels plus their Con bonus (channels through prepared metal weapons);
Air: +2 Dexterity; Improved Initiative +4 (taking the feat WILL stack); +2 perception (while concentrating on using your air crafting) +4 bonus when 10 ranks in skill; +2 stealth (visual) +4 stealth bonus when 10 or more ranks in the skill;



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