Lightning Werewolf Ninjas


What's called what

Elemental Terminology/Language:

Elemental forces: Air, Water, Earth, and Fire are the Primary forces of the elemental arrangement. Lightning (at the meeting Air and Water), Wood (Water and Earth), and Metal (Earth and Fire), are secondary, but by no means weaker, pillars. Tertiary forces are similar to the secondary, but are usually more specialized or limited, such as having a Metal crafting limited to a particular metal (steel, copper, gold, etc.) the Fire/Earth joining of Lava instead of Metal, the ability to manipulate mud/clay/etc instead of Wood, and so on. There is a force at the joining of Air and Fire that few individuals have dared to explore, surviving individuals anyway.

The Great Cataclysm: the aborted invasion or infection by the Beings from the Outer Darkness. Although the exact time is unknown due to the destruction of records and the need to concentrate on survival and rebuilding of civilization, it’s generally accepted this was over one thousand years before the current age.

Chor: Cousin; of a mutual kinship by family, blood, or element.

Te’Chor: Near-cousin; of a kinship within a quarter turn of the elemental circle. Fire to Metal or Earth. Water to Air, Lightning, Wood, or Earth. Etc.

Ka’Te’Chor: Not-near-cousin or Far-cousin; of a kinship across the elemental circle, but of a similar clan, species, family, etc. What a Fire-Tiger would be to a Fire-Wolf, or a Wood-Fox to a Lightning-Fox.

Skaa: The strength, durability, toughness, core, quintessence of an element or force.

Pantharin Empire: The largest, longest lasting mono-species kingdom that arose shortly after the Great Cataclysm and is now in decline due to corruption and lack of strong leadership.



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