Lightning Werewolf Ninjas

Before the Current Age

Many, many generations ago, the Continent of Lakorthuss was invaded by Entities from the Outer Darkness. Their corrupted minions, using the foulest magicks bequeathed to them by their Masters, tore holes in the walls of our reality, letting in demons as formidable as they were horrendous. These mindless shock troops swarmed over the land, slaughtering civilians and soldiers alike. Men, women, and children, humans and animals fell to the creatures’ claws, teeth, and spells. Deities manifested their forms on the Material Plane to battle the demons, the Gods were overwhelmed in mere days. The creatures’ alien natures were resistant to even the potent powers of the Gods Themselves. Peasants and nobles, clergy and warriors banded together to fight back and hold death at bay for a time.
But the impatience and greed of the minions proved to be the undoing of their Masters’ plans. Desiring a swift and final victory, they opened more portals to let in other entities of an even further bizarre nature. The sentient elemental energies that flowed into our realm found the destructive nature of the invading demons to be repulsive and needed to be stopped. Although they were powerful and were able to harm and even slay the demons, the Elementals’ forms were fragile and the demons could tear them apart with ease. Individually and in groups, the Elementals found mortals to bond with. Some individuals were incompatible with the strange thoughts and energies of the Elementals and were killed or driven mad. Some embraced the joining and became almost Demigods, but still mortal, others gained minor control over the elemental energies, but enough to slow or distract the demons so the elevated ones were able to devastate the hordes of the Outer Darkness. While the major fighting raged across the land, the non-bonded mortals and lesser empowered ones hunted and slew the Outer Darkness’ minions, and sealing the portals to stop the invading demons from replenishing their numbers.
Decades later victory was finally achieved. All the portals had been found and sealed, the vast majority of the demons had been slain, the weakest ones fled to distant parts of the land and to hide in the deepest pits they could find. And mostly, due to the infusion of elemental energy into the major races of the land, the Entities from the Outer Darkness could no longer influence or feed upon the mortals or their offspring. Their energies had become too alien for the Darkness to stomach.



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